This morning I lost a friend a friend that I built a
relationship with in just two years. It seems like a very short period of time to create such a big attachment to someone this person was my dog. We sold her to a family in surrey I miss her so much. I cried myself to sleep and will be very sad for awhile. The family that took her was very nice there were a mom and a dad a thirteen year old girl and a two and a half year old boy. The reason why
we had to sell her was because she was a lot of work but so sweet at the same
time she was ruining our furniture and was having lots of accidents I don’t think our family was right for her and she is probably better off with the other people. I can’t even explain the feeling I had, all I can say is it is like loving and losing a family member. 
It was very hard on me and my mom mainly. We couldn’t handle watching her go so me and her went out for the whole day and had fun together just us girls. We got pedicures clothes looked at other dogs went grocery shopping and even
hung out with friends it was fun but my mom and me shed a few tears along the way because my father called and told us that the people came and took her to
their house. I feel really bad and I can’t believe I had to do this I definitely don’t want to this again it is so hard on me. I feel bad for my dog because with me crying over her saying goodbye she could sense something was up her eyes were watering and she was shaking. Also knowing that the family we gave her to have
  Facebook they will probably be bragging and talking constantly about their new dog and just knowing that they are going to do that makes me feel like I wasn’t good enough for Neko and she will be sad too. But knowing that the family love her just as much as I did makes me feel better because then I know that she is safe and will live a happy life there at their house. My mom said that we will probably be getting a new dog to enjoy and the other family will enjoy Neko also there are benefits I got to keep the money that we sold her for and her collar. My family and there whole family promised that if there were any issues with the dog that they couldn’t sell her and they would have to call as and bring her back to us and we would find another family for her. My dog Neko she will be truly missed but I can’t wait to possibly visit her sometime and remember her in my house and all the fun times we had together. Neko is missed, F.Y.I  a cute adorable trouble maker.


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