The image you see to the left is a greyhound bus . it is what people drive in when they are going on long trips last year in the winter I believe it was early December I took this kind of bus to thunder bay it was fun but along and a bit boring on the bus ride did you know it takes two days to get there by bus and it was cramped and it smelt really bad and it was dark there is a washroom but I never used it because it was kinda like an indoor out house it stunk and there were no lights it also didn't lock so the long journey began I got on the bus sat down beside my grandma and we were off before I knew it our first stop was in Kamloops then hope then we had a longer period of driving we went all the way to Calgary after Calgary was Alberta then Saskatchewan and we stopped through all the provinces my Favorite stop was in Regina so cool lots of lights and it was fresh air  the stop was not and old corner store like all the others it was some rich place with body guards and big doors when I walked in everyone stared at me I felt like a princess. when I got to Thunder bay I spent time with my grandma but i felt alone because she was busy with her friend i had no parents with me or my brother but it was fun I did lots of shopping and ice skating half of my family lives there and so I spent some time with them family dinners long walks it was probably the best trip of my life other then mexico and I cant wait to go again in the summer.


11/13/2012 5:53pm

Hi Butterfly I love your journal it sounds very exciting and fun. Although the bus sounds not that good. I have one correction. make sure to capitolize your I`s but otherwise it was very well written.

social butterfly
11/15/2012 7:52am

Thankyou yea I agree the bus wasnt that great but it was and adventure to thats what my grandma always said when I got on the bus and said ewww it was really funny haha. And also I love how you are giving me feedback it helps so much I will fix that.


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