Finnally our class is starting the photography unit. The photography unit is my favourite unit because you get to take so many interesting pictures and the possibilities never end. There is also a ton of different types of pictures for example there are abstract, scenery pics, close ups, panorama. And thats just a few to name. There are also a bunch of rules you could well let me say should follow to have the perfect picture it could be a picture of anything really the rules are

1.) The rule of thirds. The rule of thirds is when you take a picture of something and using a grid on your camera makes it easier you line your image up with the intersections on the grid.

2.) It should be eye catching. To make your picture eye catching have detail catch your audience's eyes.
3.) Has a focal point. A focal point is the part of you photo that you are focusing on, the persons attention is drawn to your focal point.

4.) No distracting backround that take away from the photo. Remove any items or plants that are getting in the way of your photo.

5.) And last but not least perspective. Take your picture from different angles.

To the left is a picture I took that I think follows all of the rules. I will also be putting a section in the passions page for my photography because I love it hopefully you like it to and will try to take a picture that follows all the rules. Good luck.


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