finnally my cusin decides to get married!
on may 4th my cusin is gettting marriied i cant wait if you look to the oleft is a picture there theme will be purple and orange it will probably be like a eastindien wedding. but i cant wait it will be in nanimo on the islendd i love the iledn ther is so much to do there and itas a lot of fun....... she wants a cinderella style dres and he wants a orange bowtie but you know it sounds wierd right? i think so butr u know whqat else its unigue i dont think very many people have a purple and orange wedding there will be dancing and cAKE they are even going to have a surger table im soooo excited.im not sure what i want to buy them for a gift she really loves cooking maybe ill buy her somethingf to cook with i think this iws really cute he asked her out at mcdonalds because thats where they worked and where they met and they are going to live happily ever after.


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