"Hey" it's butterfly again!
See the hotel to the left well
yesterday I went to a party there it was a lot of fun. The hotel is in White Rock, once or twice a year some really good friends of mine throw a party there.
You’re probably thinking to yourself "in a hotel"?  Well
this hotel is so cool there is everything inside I know it’s really old but if you go inside you will for sure think differently. The color of the outside is cool to it reminds me of Mexico and inside well it smells, looks, and feels tropical but inside there is a hall (Room) and its huge. A bunch of people of all ages in my religion get together there and pump up the party. We blast the music have great food and dance it’s a lot of fun. Me and the daughter of the
owner always run the door what we do is we take one by one peoples last name,
number, email, and, how many people are in that group or are coming in together.
It’s a lot of work. I also stamp their hands so that if they have to go in and
out we know they already paid we also always have a door prize so we have to
give tickets out with numbers on them and at the end of dancing the runner of
the party calls a number out of the draw bin the prize for women is a dozen
roses and men get a bottle of Champaign. And one more thing that I’m in charge
of is the dancing there are lots of songs that have dances to them and people
don’t know how to do them so I’m in charge of leading them. Anyways what I’m
trying to get to this whole time is that my mom and dad sing and they sang
there. They are so good. The last thing I want to tell you is that I had tons of


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