music is important to alot of people, but it has impacted my life so much and in so many ways. It has  jerked my feelings too and has made me happy and sad. I can't imagine life with no music. how boring would it be? becaus ewith music life has feelings and people express themselfs better with music. here are some quotes about how music has impacted lives.

Without music, the world would have a hard time understanding
other things.” – B. P.

 Music is important to the world as a whole because it brings
us together.” – A.  G.

“Life without music would be boring… no background music for
movies, and life  would sound dull.” – A. Z.

Music puts the life and excitement into the world.  Music is a
part of my  everyday life, from the radio in the morning to chorus and band
class at  school.  Without music, I wouldn’t be who I am today. – S.  P.

This isn't really a quote bur it   is a short story about impacted music into lives.

“Life without music is like
  fasting for a teen – boring, painful, and dull.  Every morning I wake up to
  music filling my dreams until I realize that the wonderful melody is coming
from  my alarm telling me to get going.  That’s not only where this wonderful
gift  fits into my day.  Several minutes later, I take a shower with the radio
  cranked, but unfortunately my voice doesn’t flow to the song as well.  In the
  car ride to school, again music and again I sing (too bad for my neighbors!). 
  To make school worth living, there’s band – a time to let the mind wander, a
  time to relax and put my music skills to test.  Thankfully I play better than I
  sing!  Besides my music life, think about yours.  Your cell phone goes off and
  what do you hear – music.  A parade with the melodious sounds, but then it’s
  taken away and the parade comes to a rest.  Without the joy of music, there’s
no  point in life, unless life to you is no sound at all.” –
M. M.

How music has impacted me and how I put it into my life:
Music makes me feel better i express my feeings and it is easier to put those feelings into lyrics then to talk in real life.
I use music in my life on a daily basis in/at the shower, grocery store, my bedroom, my congregation, in my head, at school, in the car, weddings, parties, band class, home. so as you can see i hear music everywhere thats all for this week bye!


Mrs. Middleton
12/13/2012 9:52am

Music is such a powerful item for so many reasons. I think we take for granted the impact music can have on our emotions. I know that when I hear a fun upbeat song I want to get up and move; it lightens my heart. When I hear instrumental, I feel relaxed and at ease. You are very lucky to have music as a way to express yourself. I enjoy music but am not a composer. It is a gift that you have and you should use it to help you make it through the good and hard times in life.

12/15/2012 12:58pm

thankyou I appreciate it and I am persuing my music into my life it has gotten me through hard times and it makes me happy when i hear a song I just want to get up and dance to I know like everyIsong on the radio.


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