Hurray kite day is finally here. Today it's kite day at school we get to 
make kites and fly them after. from the very moment i woke up from bed I rushed 
on my clothes and scurried down stairs for breakfast when i got to school the 
bell rang and all the children rushed inside to go to the assembly we walked 
down the halls into the gym and this man showed us some kites from all around 
the world he said they can get as big as 10 km long thats pretty big for a kite. 
After the assembly we went back to the classroom to do some more work because it 
wasn't our turn to build our kites yet. At the end of the day it was finally our 
turn to build our kites my kite had hearts all over it and my little buddys kite 
had a rainbow on it they were beautiful. When we had finished putting together 
our kites. Everyone went outside and flew our kites. It was like kite heaven 
there were so many kites in the sky I couldnt even see mine  p.s. I loved my 
teachers excitment.
And I hope someday you will make kites to and if you do "good luck".


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