Alo! My name is SocialButterfly. I named myself that because I like to talk a lot and I come and go as I please like a butterfly.

I am a 12 year old student in Surrey, B.C. It's wonderful here. The weather is okay it has been raining a lot lately but that's fine because in the spring we will have beautiful flowers.

Now I am going to tell you a little bit about myself. Here is a list.

1.) Pets: I have 2 pets I have two dogs a boy and a girl the boys name is Julio it is pronounced (who-lee-o). Julio is a Mexican chuhwahwa he is brown and small only three pounds. The girls name is Neko it is pronounced (knee-co) she is about 11 pounds and has black and white spots she is a Jack Russel Terrier.

2.) Family: I have one mom she is 37.

I have one dad he is 36.

I have one brother he is 9.

3.) House: I live in a old barn house it was made in 1947 that is old but not as old as your city.

Around our house we have lots of other houses but they are new. When my house was built they weren't there I think that it is really cool to live in a house that had no other houses around it before.

4.) My Passions: I do a lot of things to keep busy knitting, sewing, babysitting, dancing, singing, playing instruments. and lots more.

5.) A bit about my country: I love my country it is so pretty here there are lots of trees and people. We are very high in technology we have ipads, laptops, radios, phones, and so much more.

Fun facts about B.C. and our people: here is a link to a website that talks about this you will learn lots.




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    December 2012