Yesterday I went to Grouse mountain and did the grind unfortunately you have to climb it to get to the top but trust me its worth it. There is so much to do at the top, first of all its a great view and there are restaurant, cafes, gift shops, a theatre, don't worry you don't have to climb down you can take the gondola down witch is so fun when I go on the gondola everyone screams on it. When your climbing it you could see the sun rays, hear the birds, and it smells like fresh forest air and trees theres also cool benches along the way for breaks. 
It feels so could when you go down because you look and you think to your self wow I climbed all that and its so encouraging but everyone gets let down when you find out your time and it doesnt matter how long you took its just going to make you feel bad about yourself when thats not true that you succeed is what matters. We all try our personal best my time was 2:59 and I'm proud of that and theres always a next time that I can try better and I hope you get a chance to do the grind soon to and hope you have fun GOOD LUCK!


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