To This Day


“If you can’t find anything beautiful about yourself, get a better mirror, look a little closer,
                                                               stare a little longer".
A video called “ToThis Day” by Shane Koyczan isn’t just a video as it has such a powerful message. The video is a universe of meaning and every part of it will be  locked in my heart forever.You can’t deny that the hallways of school are a battlefield. But if it weren’t for that battlefield how would we ever learn to stand up for ourselves? Going into that battlefield will have made you a stronger person. Yet it creates a hive of fear that makes you scared of looking in the mirror and not knowing what circus act is going to be pulled next.

If we believe in what’s in our heart you will make it to the end. Guess what, no matter how many friends you have there is always going to be someone right there by your side. People think that saying sorry
will help but there is always going to be a mark left behind. Its like crumpling a piece of paper up and then trying to flatten it out but its not going to make the wrinkles go away no matter how much you try.

People always irritate me when they say, “I’m so stupid” or “I can’t do it” because you’re not stupid and you can do it. I have said that myself but I’ve learned that it doesn’t help it makes you feel worse. You need to stand up look in the mirror and say, “I can do this”. Throughout the years I thought about
something “if you don’t succeed you probably never tried”. It is true, if you don’t try, it is not going to get you anywhere.

Don’t worry about those people that are behind your back because they are behind you for a reason, yes? I have been bullied before but I have learned to show self-confidence. We are all unique so what’s wrong with that? I think it’s really special. Life is amazing why ruin it? We also shouldn’t be judging the book by its cover because the bully could be someone really amazing. I have learned that from experience and now we are friends.

From watching this video it gave me a really good perspective of what bullying can do to people and how harsh it is. I was in tears to come to the conclusion that none of this is going away. People are nice for one day but then it is back to normal and nobody should be living a double life full of secrets. That’s just not the way to go. No matter if we are big, small, black, or white we are all humans and we are perfectly imperfect. If we don’t work together what do we have?

I have been bullied before and I know what is like, its definitely not cool but we can all get through it. You need to walk through those classroom doors shoulders back and chin up with confidence. So let’s
make a change not tomorrow but now because guess what.... You

This morning I lost a friend a friend that I built a
relationship with in just two years. It seems like a very short period of time to create such a big attachment to someone this person was my dog. We sold her to a family in surrey I miss her so much. I cried myself to sleep and will be very sad for awhile. The family that took her was very nice there were a mom and a dad a thirteen year old girl and a two and a half year old boy. The reason why
we had to sell her was because she was a lot of work but so sweet at the same
time she was ruining our furniture and was having lots of accidents I don’t think our family was right for her and she is probably better off with the other people. I can’t even explain the feeling I had, all I can say is it is like loving and losing a family member. 
It was very hard on me and my mom mainly. We couldn’t handle watching her go so me and her went out for the whole day and had fun together just us girls. We got pedicures clothes looked at other dogs went grocery shopping and even
hung out with friends it was fun but my mom and me shed a few tears along the way because my father called and told us that the people came and took her to
their house. I feel really bad and I can’t believe I had to do this I definitely don’t want to this again it is so hard on me. I feel bad for my dog because with me crying over her saying goodbye she could sense something was up her eyes were watering and she was shaking. Also knowing that the family we gave her to have
  Facebook they will probably be bragging and talking constantly about their new dog and just knowing that they are going to do that makes me feel like I wasn’t good enough for Neko and she will be sad too. But knowing that the family love her just as much as I did makes me feel better because then I know that she is safe and will live a happy life there at their house. My mom said that we will probably be getting a new dog to enjoy and the other family will enjoy Neko also there are benefits I got to keep the money that we sold her for and her collar. My family and there whole family promised that if there were any issues with the dog that they couldn’t sell her and they would have to call as and bring her back to us and we would find another family for her. My dog Neko she will be truly missed but I can’t wait to possibly visit her sometime and remember her in my house and all the fun times we had together. Neko is missed, F.Y.I  a cute adorable trouble maker.

Many of you may be wondering if I believe in Jesus and if I want to imitate him or why dont you celabrate Christmas? Well first before I answer that question lets make sure we know the facts.What does Christmas mean or stand for? - Christmas break it down. Christ- mas christ= jesus. what is it?- christmas is the annual festival celabrating christs death held on december 25.My personal facts: In the bible it doesn't say when Jesus was born. But it does say that when he was born him and his family slept outside. but they wouldnt sleep outside in the winter it would have been to cold so it wasn't his birthday on December 25. In fact nobody knows the exact day, time, or hour. So there is your answer we simply don't celabrate Christmas because of its pagen origins. But we do celabrate other things.Jehovah's Witnesses only celebrate the one event that Jesus commanded his followers. The memorial of his death (1 Cor. 11:23-26). We also celabrate marrages, anniversaries, the birth of a baby, graduations and other happy occations. It is really hard for me to explain this but I have a link to a website with more information.

music is important to alot of people, but it has impacted my life so much and in so many ways. It has  jerked my feelings too and has made me happy and sad. I can't imagine life with no music. how boring would it be? becaus ewith music life has feelings and people express themselfs better with music. here are some quotes about how music has impacted lives.

Without music, the world would have a hard time understanding
other things.” – B. P.

 Music is important to the world as a whole because it brings
us together.” – A.  G.

“Life without music would be boring… no background music for
movies, and life  would sound dull.” – A. Z.

Music puts the life and excitement into the world.  Music is a
part of my  everyday life, from the radio in the morning to chorus and band
class at  school.  Without music, I wouldn’t be who I am today. – S.  P.

This isn't really a quote bur it   is a short story about impacted music into lives.

“Life without music is like
  fasting for a teen – boring, painful, and dull.  Every morning I wake up to
  music filling my dreams until I realize that the wonderful melody is coming
from  my alarm telling me to get going.  That’s not only where this wonderful
gift  fits into my day.  Several minutes later, I take a shower with the radio
  cranked, but unfortunately my voice doesn’t flow to the song as well.  In the
  car ride to school, again music and again I sing (too bad for my neighbors!). 
  To make school worth living, there’s band – a time to let the mind wander, a
  time to relax and put my music skills to test.  Thankfully I play better than I
  sing!  Besides my music life, think about yours.  Your cell phone goes off and
  what do you hear – music.  A parade with the melodious sounds, but then it’s
  taken away and the parade comes to a rest.  Without the joy of music, there’s
no  point in life, unless life to you is no sound at all.” –
M. M.

How music has impacted me and how I put it into my life:
Music makes me feel better i express my feeings and it is easier to put those feelings into lyrics then to talk in real life.
I use music in my life on a daily basis in/at the shower, grocery store, my bedroom, my congregation, in my head, at school, in the car, weddings, parties, band class, home. so as you can see i hear music everywhere thats all for this week bye!

Today I’m going to tell you a little bit about me and my
fist of all her is a link to our Jehovah’s witnesses website
Her is a list of things that I hope will; answer any
of your questions if not go to the search bar on the link above and look it

Who are we: We come from many different races and background
languages and we are all united by common goals but most of all we want to honer
our god Jehovah that’s what I believe. we all work together and individually do
our best to imitate Jesus and are proud to be called Christians Each of us
regularly spends time helping people learn about the Bible and God’s
. Each of us
regularly spends time helping people learn about the Bible and God’s
. Because we
wittiness, talk and talk about Jehovah we are known as Jehovah’s wittiness’s.

Why I go from door to door: Jesus told his followers to “make disciples
of people of all the
nations.” (Matthew
) When he sent
out his early disciples, Jesus directed them to
go to the homes of the
people. (Matthew


) After Jesus’
death, first-century Christians continued to
spread their message both
“publicly and from house to
house.” (Acts


) We follow the
example of those early Christians and find
that the door-to-door ministry is
a good way to reach people.

Why we call on people that already have a
religion: all of us have found many people already have a religion or belief and
they enjoy discussing bible topics. Of course, we respect a person’s right to
hold a belief different from ours, and
we don’t force our message on others.
We don’t know how people will respond until we talk to them.

Do we
believe in Jesus?: Yes. We do believe in Jesus. We have faith that Jesus came to
earth from heaven and gave his perfect human
life as a ransom sacrifice. His
death and resurrection made it possible for those exercising faith in him to

gain everlasting life. His death and resurrection make it possible for those
  exercising faith in him to
gain everlasting life.

What I believe
Jesus is doing where he is right now: I believe that Jesus is now ruling as King
of God’s heavenly Kingdom, which will
soon bring peace to the entire earth I
believe he is in heaven.
that’s all for now I hope you enjoyed this journal
and learned a bit about what I believe in.


finnally my cusin decides to get married!
on may 4th my cusin is gettting marriied i cant wait if you look to the oleft is a picture there theme will be purple and orange it will probably be like a eastindien wedding. but i cant wait it will be in nanimo on the islendd i love the iledn ther is so much to do there and itas a lot of fun....... she wants a cinderella style dres and he wants a orange bowtie but you know it sounds wierd right? i think so butr u know whqat else its unigue i dont think very many people have a purple and orange wedding there will be dancing and cAKE they are even going to have a surger table im soooo not sure what i want to buy them for a gift she really loves cooking maybe ill buy her somethingf to cook with i think this iws really cute he asked her out at mcdonalds because thats where they worked and where they met and they are going to live happily ever after.

"Hey" it's butterfly again!
See the hotel to the left well
yesterday I went to a party there it was a lot of fun. The hotel is in White Rock, once or twice a year some really good friends of mine throw a party there.
You’re probably thinking to yourself "in a hotel"?  Well
this hotel is so cool there is everything inside I know it’s really old but if you go inside you will for sure think differently. The color of the outside is cool to it reminds me of Mexico and inside well it smells, looks, and feels tropical but inside there is a hall (Room) and its huge. A bunch of people of all ages in my religion get together there and pump up the party. We blast the music have great food and dance it’s a lot of fun. Me and the daughter of the
owner always run the door what we do is we take one by one peoples last name,
number, email, and, how many people are in that group or are coming in together.
It’s a lot of work. I also stamp their hands so that if they have to go in and
out we know they already paid we also always have a door prize so we have to
give tickets out with numbers on them and at the end of dancing the runner of
the party calls a number out of the draw bin the prize for women is a dozen
roses and men get a bottle of Champaign. And one more thing that I’m in charge
of is the dancing there are lots of songs that have dances to them and people
don’t know how to do them so I’m in charge of leading them. Anyways what I’m
trying to get to this whole time is that my mom and dad sing and they sang
there. They are so good. The last thing I want to tell you is that I had tons of

The image you see to the left is a greyhound bus . it is what people drive in when they are going on long trips last year in the winter I believe it was early December I took this kind of bus to thunder bay it was fun but along and a bit boring on the bus ride did you know it takes two days to get there by bus and it was cramped and it smelt really bad and it was dark there is a washroom but I never used it because it was kinda like an indoor out house it stunk and there were no lights it also didn't lock so the long journey began I got on the bus sat down beside my grandma and we were off before I knew it our first stop was in Kamloops then hope then we had a longer period of driving we went all the way to Calgary after Calgary was Alberta then Saskatchewan and we stopped through all the provinces my Favorite stop was in Regina so cool lots of lights and it was fresh air  the stop was not and old corner store like all the others it was some rich place with body guards and big doors when I walked in everyone stared at me I felt like a princess. when I got to Thunder bay I spent time with my grandma but i felt alone because she was busy with her friend i had no parents with me or my brother but it was fun I did lots of shopping and ice skating half of my family lives there and so I spent some time with them family dinners long walks it was probably the best trip of my life other then mexico and I cant wait to go again in the summer.

Many people ask me why I don't celabrate Halloween well I say I don't celabrate Halloween mainly because of it's origins.
‘Surprisingly, I like Halloween time. “Why?” Because It makes me think about the reason I choose not to do certain things. Each person has to answer for himself whether the origins of a custom matter. I 
think that the origins for Halloween do matter. For example, most people would get upset if their neighbors got dressed up as 
Nazis. Because of the origins of Nazi uniforms and what they stand for the principles that 
most people think are offensive. I find the principles offensive that the devil, wicked spirits, and witches 
represent, and I don’t want to be associated with them. It’s good to think about the choices we make and our reasons for making them and 
to make choices based on principle rather than on what is popular. I am proud to be different and to stand by what I believe in.